The Right Programs Can Change Your Life
Do you feel like you’ve been stalled in your training?
Do you get tired and sore, but don’t see progression?
Do  you want to focus on specific areas of your training?
Have you lost motivation?
Your body will adapt to what you give it. If you give it random programing, don’t be surprised when you don’t get great results in specific areas. If you want to build muscle, increase your squat or clean, then you need careful progression.

The best programs will create results by building a strong foundation of capacity. You’ll end up reaching your goals because you’ve become all-around stronger instead of pushing yourself to the breaking point in just one area. 

We designed these programs for athletes that are committed to improving. Thousands of athletes have gone through these programs and seen fantastic results. They identified an area where they wanted to improve and sought out support. Not only are these programs designed by experienced coaches and tested by athletes, there is support and targeted help built into the community. 

Set your goal. Go after it with the right support. Learn something about yourself along the way.


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Detailed Programs
Long-term and short-term programs for tangible results.
Mobility, nutrition, and insights will keep you advancing for years.
Targeted support from the Shrugged team, top coaches, and other athletes in our private Facebook Group.

Long-Term Programs (12+ Months)
1. Flight - Technique and progression for olympic weightlifting
2. Muscle Gain Challenge - Train, eat, and recover for adding mass and strength
3. Shrugged Strength Challenge - You'll add lots of pounds to the bar... Lots
4. Barbell Shredded - Lose fat and look like you lift. Recipes and meal plans included

Short-Term Programs (3 Months)
1. Boulders for Shoulders - Healthy mobile shoulder for big weight
2. Aerobic Monster - Conditioning for better pacing, breathing, and recovery
3. Squat the House - 3 months of progressive loading & altered stances for a strong squat
4. Anaerobic Assault - All-out lactic threshold training intensity
5. Your First Pull-up - 12 weeks to build capacity for your first pull-ups
6. Strongman Accessory Program - Change it up and get strong AF
7. ​​​​​​​Open Prep - Maintain strength while peaking in anaerobic and aerobic performance
8. ​​​​​​​Barbell Beginner to Meet - Detailed prep for those new to olympic weightlifting competitions

Free Bonus Gifts
1. Nutrition For Weightlifters - Eating for performance even while moving weight classes
2. Maximum Mobility - Avoid injury and build strength in more positions
3. Faction Foods Nutrition Course - Eat like an athlete to perform at your best
4. Flight School - Foundational cues and drills for olympic weightlifting

More Help For Your Success
1. PDF Log Sheets to track your training
2. Video and written exercise demos
3. Video guides and instruction explaining the "why" every step of the way

Muscle Gain

Intense Muscle Building Program with a heavy emphasis on improving snatches, cleans and jerks while doing just enough conditioning to make sure you stay in shape as you get bigger and stronger.

Shrugged Strength Challenge

Classic Functional Fitness Program with a heavy emphasis on building total body strength, improving work capacity and improving at both weightlifting and gymnastics.


Functional Fat Loss Program designed to help you lose unwanted body-fat while continuing to build you as an athlete, keep your joints healthy and, most importantly, get you SHREDDED!


Weightlifting Specific Program focusing on building snatch, clean and jerk specific mobility, technique and strength.  Lots of squatting and pulling!!!  Perfect for beginner and intermediate weightlifters.

Build general strength or target the olympic lifts with programs designed to keep you healthy and balanced while getting strong. 
Get better at aerobic conditioning and hard hitting metcons. Specific testing will show you the progress you’ve made.
Muscle Building
Build size and strength along with recovery and nutrition to support your gains! 
Prep for Competition
A lot goes into preparing for a meet. Follow a program that will have you strong and fresh for the day you need to perform. 
Looking Good
Don’t pretend that you don’t want to look good naked. We’ve got a program that will keep you performing like a badass while dropping body fat. 
Thousands of Happy Athletes...​​​​​​​
Carson Brady
+13 lbs bodyweight, +50 lbs snatch, +50 lbs back squat
Looking back joining this program is probably the best choice I've made for my training.
Lindsey Barber
+40 lbs snatch, +45 lbs back squat, +45 lbs to overhead squat
I loved everything - literally everything:  The programming, the Coaches, the Facebook group/community, getting feedback from posting videos, especially the screen casts, the mobility, habits, and nutrition...
Minh Tran
+14 lbs bodyweight, +60 lbs back squat, +50 lbs front squat
I owe these guys everything! What I've achieved in this short 6 months of training, far exceeds my years in CrossFit. Amazing program, and I recommend everyone to follow it.
Change Your Life With Good Programming

Once you experience a well designed program, you won’t go back. We’ve helped thousands of athletes build the performance they knew was possible. Download these FREE introductions to the four long-term programs and see what you’ll experience with The Vault.

* Sample workouts
* Attention to detail
* Pro tips
What's My Investment?

Priced at $67 per month so you can stay committed to these programs for the long haul. How much of your energy are you draining by following programs that aren’t delivering? What would it mean to your life to have a solid plan in place and reach your goal?

You’re also protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.


Why The Vault?

Because we want the best programs in the hands of athletes like you. There are 12 amazing programs to choose from. There is no doubt these programs work. Thousands of people have used them and reached their goals through them. Now we want everyone to have them at a price point that is impossible to pass up.

When will I receive my bonuses?


How much will I be training?
45-90 minutes per day for 3-5 days per week depending on which program you use.

When can I start?

Immediately. You will have instant access in three easy steps that take less than 5 minutes.

What if I don’t like the programs?
Easy, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Can I do it at my gym?
Talk to your coach and express your goals. They should be willing to work with you.

Will I have access to all the program immediately?
Yes!  You'll have access to all 3 months each of the 8 short term programs and will get access to each month of the long term programs as you go (first month you get month 1, second month you get month 2 etc...). 

Is there anyone I can talk to?
Please email ​​​​​​​
Stop settling for effort without results. Use our programs to build capacity and ingrain the fundamentals that will support you for years.